Worst Marijuana Propaganda Recorded

Don’t believe that Marijuana was propaganda? Check these photos out .. During the 1950′s, this was the primary form of drug education for Americans. As you can see, it’s complete non-sense. This is the main reason why people of this country are so brainwashed into thinking marijuana causes murder!

Actual photos from the 1950′s..

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3 Responses to “Worst Marijuana Propaganda Recorded”

  1. Eartherb Eartherb says:


  2. toughmama toughmama says:

    This is kinda creepy. I must not understand it very well. Sorry.

  3. Johnny Carcinogen Johnny Carcinogen says:

    When you say marijuana was propaganda do you mean to say that this literature was anti-marijuana propaganda? I see how it definitely could be, it could also just be the authors using marijuana to create a tense plot line. Does that mean it was propaganda or that the author him/herself was simply uninformed or unaware of the effects their work may have? I will agree that these books do seem to be a great source of misinformation, but wouldn’t be so quick to judge it as propaganda without any knowledge beyond the cover of the book. Just remember that things aren’t always as cynical as they seem.

    Have Fun,
    Johnny C.

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