How to: Lower Marijuana Tolerance

There are a lot of us people in Michigan that already have a strong tolerance to Marijuana. Why is this bad? Well, the effects of THC may be harder to reach when somebody has been using Marijuana for a long period of time. This means that you have to smoke/ingest more to feel the therapeutic effects. That’s not really that cool because then you have to spend more money and/or resources on your weed. Here’s some steps to take on lowering your tolerance!

Take a break
If you’ve build up a tolerance, it will naturally decrease over time. The simplest way to lower your tolerance is to take a break for a few days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes people can’t do this, but give it a try….

Hydrate yourself
While on a break, flush your system with water to speed up the lowering of your tolerance. Don’t give yourself water poisoning, but do drink a healthy amount of water. This is all around good advice anyway. The more water you drink, the cleaner your system and healthier you become.

THC is stored in fat cells and as you burn fat, it is released into the bloodstream. Get that last bit of THC out of your system by exercising, focusing on cardiovascular, fat burning workouts.

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5 Responses to “How to: Lower Marijuana Tolerance”

  1. I think I will try to recommend this post to my friends and family, cuz it’s really helpful.

  2. says:

    Excercise seems like the smart thing, not only you lower your tolerance, but also you get fit. Twice the effort, twice the price!


    Another good way to not build a high tolerance is too switch up the strain. If you differentiate through out the day/week, you can stay flying high all the time!!!!!!!! I like my sativa’s in the day for that nice up and energetic high, and my indica’s for the night and more of a body buzz. Always keep it changing, (if you can) and you’ll also find what strains work best for whatever ails you. i find that having a stash of good indicas and sativas has helped me to balance out my life, and has helped me to deal with anything that this crazy world can throw my way! bring it on……

  4. Brad Curio Brad Curio says:

    Fucking good advice man I just thought I wasn’t getting as high because it was shitty weed. When I was 13 one joint would put me on my ass but over time the high I would get off a few fat joints wasn’t cutting it. So I Quit for four months (not an easy task) and I also started going for 2 mile jogs every day. I Could almost feel all the thc sweating out. and so four months passed (Finally) so I rolled a fat blunt to celebrate by the time I finished that I was Fucking Cooked thanks man for the great advice

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