How to: Get your medical marijuana card

The time is here! It’s finally legal to for us to get our medical marijuana cards and consume marijuana LEGALLY in Michigan! There are a few crucial things you need to know before getting your medical card. Ready? Lets get started…

This quick little article will help you understand how to become a legal marijuana user in the state of Michigan. If you’re not familiar with the marijuana laws that Michigan has passed through Proposal 1, check out The Laws section we have created to help you get adjusted better. Enough with the talking, let’s show you how to get your damn card already! Follow these 4 simple steps and you’re set!

Step 1: You must have one of these conditions: Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, or  nail patella.

Don’t have any of these conditions?

Well, it’s ok… You can also get medical marijuana for:

A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition or its treatment that produces 1 or more of the following: cachexia or wasting syndrome; severe and chronic pain; severe nausea; seizures, including but not limited to those characteristic of epilepsy; or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

Got that? It pretty much means if you have any type of chronic pain or severe nausea, you may get medical marijuana.

Step 2: Get your doctor to agree that you need marijuana for medical purposes.  Think of it kind of like how he writes you a prescription for some medication, but instead of a prescription, it’s just a recommendation for you to use medical marijuana. The reason why it’s classified as a “recommendation” and not a “prescription”, is because there is no pharmacy you can go to get medical marijuana. All your own medicational marijuana will be grown by you or a caregiver. When we say “recommendation”, we don’t specifically mean a written recommendation since you will have to just have your doctor fill out a form (in step 3). It pretty much means, by law,  that your  “physician’s professional opinion, is that the patient is likely to receive therapeutic or palliative benefit from the medical use of marihuana to treat or alleviate the patient’s debilitating medical condition or symptoms associated with the debilitating medical condition.” So if your doctor thinks that medical marijuana helps you deal with your chronic pain, severe nausea, or any other medical condition listed, continue to step 3.

Step 3: Print and Fill out the  **Medical Marijuana Form**. It’s really simple and straight to the point.  This is the ONLY part your doctor has to anything! After getting his verbal recommendation that you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, just bring your doctor this form and have him/her fill out a few lines in this form. Take a look below of what the form looks like…


Step 4: That’s it!!! Submit it to the Michigan Department of Community Health and you’re guaranteed to get your card within 15 days! (20 to be safe)

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73 Responses to “How to: Get your medical marijuana card”

  1. Tim Tim says:


    I’ve been looking around for information on this since the laws came into effect.


  2. devan devan says:

    Ive officially claim this to be the coolest website ive ever seen

  3. Kat Kat says:

    The HARD part is finding a doctor to fill in his part…mine will not do it…

  4. Alex B Alex says:

    It’s all still pretty new for everybody. Give it a little time and things will run much smoother

  5. A.C. A.C. says:

    I was too shy to ask my doctor, even though I have a very disabling brain malformation and spinal condition that I’ve suffered with most of my life. My doctor just seems like the sort of ridged authoritarian who would refuse. Instead I went to one of the THCF clinics (they have several in Michigan). It would be a good option of you can’t/are afraid to get a recommendation from your doctor.

    They’re really very good. The wait in the waiting room was pretty long (3-4 hours), but everyone was very nice and helpful.

  6. Ron Ron says:

    I went to and met with a dr who answered all my ?’s

  7. Ross Ross says:

    thanks Ron and A.C for some direction, i called around and couldn’t get an appointment with, they seem to be real busy so i checked out and i got an appoint for next week. ill let you guys know how it all goes.


  8. Chris Chris says:

    Fuck i smoke alot of weed nd i live in a shitty ass country who thinks weed is poison…

    You guys are all lucky its awsome now i bet you all toke up everynight am i right?

  9. William T. Poirier Marijuana Evaluations William T. Poirier Marijuana Evaluations says:

    If anybody needs to get there medical marijuana card and has a legitimate reason, please contact me on my email and i will refer you to my Medical Clinic.

  10. Rick Rick says:

    I live in southwest michigan and many many years ago I grow my own because of costs.but stopped when I started a family. I enjoyed just growing before and would love to grow legaly to help out folks who need can I become a caregiver and grow for those who need it.When my mother was going through kemo I was to embarassed to tell her I could give her some thing to relieve the side effects. after she passed in 1988 I promised myself I would never be embasseded to help someone who needed my help.

  11. Hi mate, this doesn’t look so great on the Imperefct browser. But anyway keep up the writing.

  12. payday loans payday loans says:

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be extremely interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

  13. nick nick says:

    i was wondering if someone that had a stroke is qualified for a medical card? i had a stroke when i was 5 year old and ive been having really bad muscle spasms in my arm and legs just seeing if im qualified for a card in michigan.

  14. Medical cannabis is certainly a really effective remedy for plenty of folks, regardless of what a few people think. I know friends and family who have been aided with medical marihauna.

  15. Medical marijuana is in fact quite a effective medicine for lots of folks, regardless of what some folks say. I know family who’ve been aided with medical marihauna.

  16. THC THC says:


    Ann Arbors first and only brick and mortar medical marijuana evaluation clinic. Our professional staff is waiting to answer all of your questions and concerns so feel free to give us a call today.
    Do not be fooled by the so called clinics that are open ONLY on the weekends, issuing recommendations out of the back of a van, motel or other makeshift clinics will only lead to one thing, the denial of your application. The Healing Center of Ann Arbor is a network of physicians and health care professionals who are committed to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach towards the treatment of all debilitating conditions and illnesses. Do not hesitate get legal today!

  17. Chris Chris says:

    I submitted my physicians certification to the state 2 months ago, how long does it take?

  18. Joe Joe says:

    So what do you do if you have medical issues not listed, but that you know marijuana helps with. I would much rather smoke a little pot then take a fist full of brain pills that generally make me feel worse than I did to start with.

  19. alex alex says:

    I have smoked pot all my life and it has never done me wrong….till now I am on probation non drug ofence) so i have had to quit as i get tested. I am overweight,and have really high blood pressure without meds it can go to 240 \140 and has a few times… blood pressure was never this high i was never so heavy . I was on ritilin from a doctor when i was a kid for add and now have a psyciotrist treating me for it as well It seems to me that thc centers me and makes me way more productive…as well as I am on calonopin because i get anger flashes that spike my blood pressure as well as depression……to me med pot would chainge my life i would be more productive and loose some of my 337 pounds….annyone think i could get it?

  20. B. KuSh B. KuSh says:

    Marijuana is an amazing plant that leaves us with valuable resources , our government is FINALLY giving us the opportunity to actually use this plant under legal circumstances. frankly, I’m sick of smoking a harmless plant illegally , It’s time to get legal and smoke jah herb man :)

  21. Chris Chris says:

    Hey guys, here’s my problem, I don’t want to stand in line all day to get my card, but I’m low income and can’t afford to go to one of the fancy clinics. Anyone know of anything in between?

  22. Salvador Salvador says:

    I went and got my script from Dr. Graves out in Mount Morris Exit 126 off of 75. He only charges 100 dollars for the doctors visit. My question is I have had the script for a month but didnt have the 100 dollars to send in my money order. will it matter that i had to wait a month b4 I sent in all the paper work?

  23. Alex B Alex says:


    I don’t think it should matter. Just remember to get a copy of the APPROVED money order from your bank.

    That gives you the legal right to use the Medical Marijuana until you’ve received the official card in the mail.

  24. Ryan Ryan says:

    i currently live in ohio right now and i have severe anxiety problems that result in insomnia and lack of eating, i plan on moving to michigan next year so i can finally get help with my anxiety with medical marijuana, I know i dont have a diesease but wut clinic would be able to help me cause i do have a real problem, i mean this really takes a toll on me day in and day out

  25. Barias Barias says:

    I love your website! did you create this yourself or did you outsource it? Im looking for a blog design thats similar so thats the only reason I’m asking. Either way keep up the nice work I was impressed with your content really..

  26. really have a point here I’m sure I’m not the only person to think so.

  27. ironchariot ironchariot says:

    This may seem like a silly question but, I’m from a neighboring state and was wondering if you have to be a resident of Michigan to obtain a card? I have a legitimate need and would almost move to be able to use it legally, but that’s not possible for me.

  28. Rich Rich says:

    Medicare card.
    Social Security IRS Form 1099.
    Social Security Yearly Benefits Statement.
    Enrollment in the Medicaid Adult Benefit
    Receipt of social security retirement benefits.
    I am on Social Security and Medicaid.
    I need that discount. My med. bills are astronomical. If they won’t accept the list above, then what the hell will they accept?
    I’m 60 years old with a spotless record.
    I have cancer and am on chemotherapy and radiation when needed.
    The marijuana really helps, more than anyone can imagine. I wanted to get a card but with with a start like the :reduced rates: bable above, I can only see an expensive uphill battle.

    Also..can I get someone to grow for me if I get a card ? How does this work ? My Oncologist would be happy to fill out the paperwork I’m sure.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  29. Walter Walter says:

    I might have depression. I find out in my evaluation on Thursday October 21st. I am diagnosed with depression, is there any way that i can get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan? I have read stories on the internet on how marijuana helps people with their depression and I think that if I get a Medical Marijuana Card, that it would help with my depression to. I have already had a doctor tell me that I most likely have depression, I just have an evaluation to be sure of it. Please email me, and tell me if I can or cannot get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan. Thank you.

  30. Luna Gilden Luna Gilden says:

    Cool. Thanks for typing this. It is always cool to see someone give back to the public.

  31. Alex Alex says:

    I need a doctor close to Traverse City. Anyone know? email me. I dislocated my shoulder and broke my collar bone 4 years ago. I have chronic pain in my shoulder because there is a buildup of shit in m socket causing my should to not sit right and severe and chronic pain.

    My email is

  32. Nick Nick says:

    Hello, i am currently prescribed xanax for severe anxiety. It is slowly destroying my life, anyone who has ever used xanax for a period of time can tell you how detached from the world you can become and how easy it is to develop a physical dependence. In hopes of avoiding a scarily certain addiction to a drug i certainly do not even enjoy i am seeking my medical card. however like many others in our state i am experiencing money problems, does anyone out there know of a clinic that has programs for low income individuals? Xanax was ok for awhile but i refuse to become a drug addict in hopes of living a normal happy life. Thanks for any help.

  33. matt matt says:

    Hey guys i have a few questions. i am currently on multiple medications i am on Paxil for deppresion and anxiety and adderall and stratera for ADHD also i take xanax for anxiety would this qualify me for a med card. all the medicines i take are killing me i get sick reguraly they change my mood and have made me put on alot of weight. im not lookin for a card so i can just blaze either im legit in need of help

  34. Lora Lora says:

    Help my pain clinic Doc for almost 5 yrs wont do the card, guess he must be getting a huge kick back on the RX’s. I need a Doc in Westland area. please email me a doc’s name & # Titanium rods in back & plate in neck plus lots more disc problems. Thanx

  35. Lora Lora says:

    Oh i guess it would help if i left my email sorry CRS I’m an old

  36. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    I heard the cost is around $100? Is this true?

  37. deon deon says:

    Alex do you know of any legit places in the livonia mi area?

    Or anyone for that matter email me at

  38. Duane Duane says:

    When will insomnia be added as reason for medical marijana?

  39. D Rock D Rock says:

    Hey guys I was wondering if it is possible to get your medical card in Michigan if you have anxiety problems. I have suffered from it sense I was a kid and now I’m on medication and it hasn’t done anything for me. I sat back and watched my Grandpa die from medical companies throwing hand full of pills down his throat. I have also been put on every ADD/ADHD medecine so I’m not a big fan of prescription drugs. I also have chronic pain in my back because my kidney’s bleed and release protein into my urine. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a medical card for either anxiety or chronic back pain. I am not in this for getting stoned everyday, I’m in need of some real help and I have no where else to turn. I hate the side effects caused by prescription drugs. I’m 19 yers old and was wondering if age would stop a doctor from possibly reccomending medical marijuana to me. I’m from southwest Michigan, could someone reccomend me to someone?

  40. D Rock D Rock says:

    I also forgot to say, I have long sleepless nights due to anxiety and I have lost over thirty pounds from the anxiety suppresing my appetite. In need of help!

  41. Alex Alex says:

    For all those asking if their condition is eligible or complaining that its not, I know that if your medication causes nausea, pain, spasms, etc. you can get a recommendation.

  42. D Rock D Rock says:

    I know but would the fact that I’m 19 stop them from recommending it to me?

  43. Yana Yana says:

    So… I would love it if weed was ok to use for people with mental difficulties such as insomnia depress anger etc…. we’ll work towards that. But until it’s achieved I recommend, with love, Yoga and Meditation.


  44. Bree Bree says:

    I have arthritis and I was wondering could I get a medical marijuana card for it … My joints hurt really bad everyday … And my DOC didnt prescribe me nothing for it ..

  45. D Rock D Rock says:

    Yes you can, for Chronic pain. By the way Yana, yoga sucks… worst thing i’ve done in a while. Only makes me more angry.

  46. Mrs.Bush Mrs.Bush says:

    How long after i mail my papers do i have to wait to purchase my meds from a dispensery?

  47. Mrs.Bush Mrs.Bush says:

    In michigan is there any laws about how far u have to be from a school to grow if u have your card?

  48. Mz. Rodriguez Mz. Rodriguez says:

    hey guys i was wondering if i could get a medical card, because when i was about 7 i broke my wrist and now have severe pain sometimes i cant even move my wrist. I dont believe in taking pills cause most of them do more damage than good and i would prefer to use marijuana. I just moved to michigan about 3 months ago and dont really know anyone to get any so i just figured i woulod get a medical card but it seems like you have to be on ur death bed to be able to even qualify for one. What can i do?

  49. James James says:

    Hey guys, I have a lot of trouble sleeping, ill go to sleep around 10-11 and i cant fall asleep until 2-3 in the morning, and i usually wake up 3-4 time a night, and because i have to wake up early for classes sleep is crucial to me. Smoking helps me sleep without me feeling groggy in the morning which the pills do, do you think i could be recommended for a card for this? I dont want to get in trouble for smoking when its the only think im comfortable taking to help me sleep

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