I am too ill to grow my own medical marihuana. What can I do?

The MMMA provides for a system of designated caregivers.  The caregiver can acquire 2.5 ounces of usable marihuana and grow up to 12 marihuana plants for a qualifying patient.  The caregiver may assist up to 5 patients. The caregiver must sign a statement agreeing to provide marihuana only to the qualifying patients who have named the individual as their caregiver. The caregiver’s name, address, birth date and social security number must be provided to the state at the time of a patient’s registration.  The Department will issue a registry identification card to the caregiver who is named by a qualifying patient on his/her application. The Department may not issue a registry identification card to a proposed caregiver who has previously been convicted of a felony drug offense. The Department will verify through a background check with the Michigan State Police that the designated caregiver has no disqualifying felony drug conviction.  A caregiver may receive reasonable compensation for services provided to assist with a qualifying patient’s medical use of marihuana.

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