Can I use marihuana while on parole/probation if I have an MMMP card?

The authorities that are responsible for your probation/parole/post-prison supervision can impose restrictions on your possession and use of medical marihuana as a condition of your supervision, even if you have a valid MMMP card. Most offenders’ supervision is subject to an “obey all laws” condition. Since marihuana possession and use is illegal under federal law, supervisory authorities can sanction an offender for possessing marihuana, even if he or she has an MMMP card. Sanctions could result in your arrest and return to jail. If you are on probation, parole, post-prison supervision, or other form of conditional supervision for conviction of a crime, you should consult with your parole and probation officer regarding whether your possession or use of marihuana may subject you to sanction for violation of the conditions of your supervision.” The MMMP will revoke the card of a cardholder if a court issues an order that prohibits the cardholder from participating in the medical use of marihuana or otherwise participating in the MMMP.

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