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Oaksterdam University coming to Michigan!

Interested in learning about the new medical cannabis law? Oaksterdam University will be returning to Ann Arbor Labor Day Weekend (September 5th – 7th). Oaksterdam University is the first trade school in the world offering quality training for the cannabis industry. If you are interested in working for or opening your own cannabis-related business, want to become a cannabis legalization activist, or are interested in learning to grow your own, Oaksterdam University is for you! 
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We have added some cool new features to our blog. The first one is Retweet. Have a twitter? Like the post? Click on the retweet button and it automatically spreads the word and link to all of your twitter friends. That’s not it though! We also have a “Listen Now” button that reads the entire blog for you. It’s pretty cool so give it a try!
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Why is Marijuana ILLEGAL???

Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug.
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How to: Get your medical marijuana card

The time is here! It’s finally legal to for us to get our medical marijuana cards and consume marijuana LEGALLY in Michigan! There are a few crucial things you need to know before getting your medical card. Ready? Lets get started…
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UPDATE: Marijuana Laws

As of April 6th, it’s now available to get your medical marijuana card from the Department of Community Health!! All you need to do is fill out the Medical Marijuana Form and send it to the department. You should receive your medical card to smoke/grow medical marijuana within 15 days! A lot of people don’t know, but after Proposal 1 passed, the Michigan Department of Community Health released the “Draft Rules” for the whole registration process. They ended up changing the rules on a lot of things.
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Grand Valley student shot for Smoking Weed

And yes, he was unarmed. Apartment neighbors of Grand Valley State University student Derek Copp say they cannot fathom what prompted police to shoot him late Wednesday in a drug-related raid… The 20-year-old student was in serious condition at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital. Copp, a Spring Arbor native, has been at GVSU since 2007, the same year he graduated from Jackson Community College, according to his page on Facebook. He identifies himself as “a left-wing hippie peace-keeping liberal,” who is seeking a film and video degree. Copp...
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